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Uses of KickStart in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.gui2

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 class KickStartSimple

Fields in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.gui2 declared as KickStart
static KickStart KickStart.instance

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Subclasses of KickStart in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.gui2.swing
 class KickStartNoGUI
 class KickStartSwing
          An easy way to kickstart the browser with a GUI wrapper This does not use the old GUI framework in X-Smiles, but rather just creates a frame and creates a BrowserWindow without an old - type of GUI and puts that into the frame.
 class XSmilesApplet.AppletKickStart

Fields in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.gui2.swing declared as KickStart
static KickStart XSmilesApplet.instance

Uses of KickStart in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.havi

Subclasses of KickStart in fi.hut.tml.xsmiles.gui.havi
 class KickStartFTV
 class KickStartHavi

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